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Samsung a510

Hey guys so is time to embarks the first Samsung device I got my hands, this is the 2016 edition so was a big fan of the original Galaxy a510 and wanted to get this one in can see we are getting think ripen to ensure display very edge to edge fast-charging as well as some nice high-end features you'd expect to find on more expensive devices so let's get started.

Samsung A510
Samsung A510

On the bottom as usual if this and we can see the good stuff. Strangely enough they have actually gone with like a black chrome here which is different from the rest of the device so we did do the gold clay here which is very nice, very attractive. I do like some songs attention to detail here so we have a look at this we can you stop in the box and it could be a good predictor of what you gonna get from like the Galaxy S7 seeking see yet worried you card. Charging cable and also a pod kind of things here can see look quite decent, which is very nice and I think or so we get the sim tool and hopefully a fashion charges that would be quite nice so is this a fast charger. It is fast charger very nice here given that its mid-range price so we can still have a look at the device here and see the on
peeling oh yes is it gonna be nice. 

Samsung knows how to build a phone and I think we're getting up to core processor. So the performance should be a lot better than the A5 of the past which was little bit anemic. You might be able to see it book nevertheless you know why pat down doesn't detract from the overall beauty of the phone. So you can see vol or chrome left here power boats on the right and we do get soon compartment as well so we can just step In returned here and see how it looks which localization brought because basically tells ages for them to come out here so we did manage to figure out these settings and baseball my no-fly. 

I pretty much knew where to go to change the language here so you can see we are also now and basically we can have a quick look at the device here seeking see we're getting the same kind of switch which used user interface as the No 5 with the lies circular kind of icons which you know it's quite interesting.

I'm getting ahead of myself here so both like that so we can have a quick look as well as the software so you can see we are getting the think this is Android 5.1 point one would have been nice to know if we got Marsh mother is a new device and all that well maybe you know they will update quite soon so we can connect to wifi is well quite quick so we can we do get 5g support as well as nice. Quick look at the camera as well so basically this is 13 megapixel so probably a bit more modest than what is beyond the s7 we should definitely the job for most people can see that the picture here looks pretty, little bit blurry.

Video of Samsung Galaxy a510


Check Price for samsung galaxy a510 (2016).

Auto play Videos Disable On Facebook and Twitter

As we all know Facebook and Twitter Enabled Autoplay Videos which are getting viral day by day. I mean the quality ones. I asked many of my twitter followers about autoplay videos, many of them didn't liked it. Everybody has their own choice, Some people just go on enjoying these type of videos, some people just pissed off. So their is an option to put off to these Autoplay videos. It's not a lengthy process, even a knoob can do it very well.

How to Disable Autoplay videos on Facebook ?

Step #1)

Log in to Facebook, click to that downward facing arrow, at the right side of the main page, as shown in the image below. 

Step #2) 

Click to Settings > Video Settings > Auto Play Videos.

Step #3) 

Make it 'off' , that's it.

Done, its an easy process. If you are tired too much of autoplay videos, try this now.

How To Disable Autoplay Videos on Twitter ?

Step #1) 

Log in to Twitter

Step #2) 

Go to Settings

Step #3) 

Click to Video Tweets > Content > Uncheck the option Play videos automatically.

Now you all may shocked, in just 2 minutes work the headache got over of autoplay.

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Fake Screenshot with Different Tools for Free

Fake screenshots work many time. Screenshots are used as an evidence to show a performance to some other person. People believe it. I am a freelancer many of my clients ask me for my google adsense income screenshot and also for maxbounty or other affiliate income report screenshot. I show them honestly the real one, i never cheat on my clients. Previously i explained on how to take a screenshot and save it.  So coming to the point sometimes Fake screenshot can help you a lot, but i personally never make misuse of this art. So i request you all do not trust anyone on internet blindly.

Benefits Of Fake Screenshots

#1) Impressing people

#2) Making shock to people

#3) Entertainment 

Fake Screenshot

#1) ifaketext - It allows you to create fake screenshot of your text messages on an iphone. Just fill in details and enjoy it.

#2) Awesome Screenshot Chrome Extension - Make it as if you wish. Add annotations, blur, change design, text formats anything you need. Just install this extension and see the magic.

Fake Screenshot

#3) Wall Machine - You can create any fake screenshot for any facebook related activity like wall posts, comments and messages. Anyone can easily customise it any how you want.

So now you can decide which tool you want to use it. If you still have some problems or any confusion contact me anytime. Share this new idea with your friend on social media. Sharing is caring. 

Just create this fake screenshots and enjoy the fucking experience.

Wordpress Plugins that will Help Every Blogger.

We all know that wordpress is best platform to create a blog, there is not one reason, there are many different reasons, mainly i think because of its plugins. It makes the work beneficial and easy. There are many plugins for every simple task. So today i will just tell on only about 50 Best Wordpress Plugins , which I think are many useful to make a work easier.

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Wordpress Plugins

#1) Woo Commerce - This is best for ecommerce site, free ecommerce plugin which allows you to sell anything online, it has full control over the store. You can ship wherever you like. One of the best feature i like is extensive payment options. You can easily customise it, it gives full control to access it.

#2) Yoast Plugin - One of my favourite plugin you can say, full perfect package for seo. You can see how your post or page will look like in the search results with the snippet preview. I mean your title is short or long and also about meta description. With this you increase your organic traffic easily. You can translate this plugin into 24 different languages. It has various features like import & Export functionality, multi site compatible, social integration, RSS optimization, meta & Link elements and many more.

#3) Akismet - It automatically checks your comment, if its looks like scam it removes the comment. Number of approved comments can be seen for each users only by the moderators. Every comment has got a status history so it can be seen which comments are spammed on which date and all that. 

#4) Theme Check - It helps to check the theme and to check whether if it matches with the latest theme review standards. All the results are displayed at once.

#5) All in One Seo Pack - It generates meta tags automatically, it can be used only for ecommerce sites. One of the best feature is it automatically optimizes your title for search engines.

#6) Contact Form 7 - It can manage multiple contact forms and with simple markup we can customize the form and mail contents..

#7) Duplicate Post - It helps you to clone a post or page or the best way is you can even edit it as a new draft. From front to end you can clone your post/pages with the template tag, you can just put it in your templates..

#8) Ithemes Security - Hacking is major problem, to overcome hacking this is the best plugin. It has more than 30 ways to secure your wordpress blog. It works to fix problems like stop automated attacks, common holes and many more.

#9) Image Widget -It helps to add image widgets to your blog. Like title and description, link the image, also handles the image resizing. It supports 10 languages.

#10) Google Analyticator - It allows you to view Google Analytics within your wordpress dashboard. It supports event tracking with outbound links, speed tracking, download link tracking and many more. It also has option of shortcodes to show off google analytics stats publicly.

#11) Wp touch Mobile Plugin -It automatically adds a simple and suitable theme for mobile visitors to your wordpress site/blog. And also enable a mobile friendly version of your blog that passes google mobile test. 

#12) Mailchimp for wordpress - This helps to add subscribers to your lists of mailchimp. In just one click you can add your mailchimp account.

#13) WP Smush - It allows to reduce the file size without losing quality. It helps to loads the site faster, which will like by the search engines.

#14) WP Google Maps -This allows to create unlimited locations, and to display google maps in a simple manner at a shortcode.

#15) SEO Ultimate - It has too good features  for title tag rewriter like it can customize your homepages's <title> tag. Their is an option for two rewrite methods : "output buffering or filtering". And the features for meta description editor are it increase SERP click through rates by influencing search engine snippets.

#16) SEO Friendly Images - This plugin automatically updates all images with suitable ALT tags 

#17) Social Media Widget -This widget allows you to add your social media profiles. I can say it literally supports all social media sites. 

#18) WP Statistic - You can track your statistics without depending on external services. You can see views, visitors, statistics and online users.

#19) Responsive Lightbox by Dfactory - It allows you to view larger version of images and galleries in a lightbox. It automatically adds lightbox to wordpress image galleries and image link and videos.

#20) Background Image Cropper - This helps you to crop the background images with header images

#21) Woosidebars - It allows you to change the widget according to content that display in the sidebar like a specific post, or  the search results screen.

#22) Wordpress Popular Posts - It displays the most popular posts on your blog. It supports WPML. And also has a great features like custom post type, multi widget capable.

#23) Simple 301 Redirects - It allows to redirect to your another page of your blog. When you migrate your blog to wordpress and you can't preserve your URL structure at that this plugin is very useful.

#24) Anti Spam - It automatically blocks spam in comments, no need of entering captcha, because spam is not users problem.

#25) Events Manager - This plugin has great features like multiple tickets, booking managements, event categories, google maps, widgets for events,locations and calendars. 

#26) Nofollow for External Link - Now you can easily add your external link as Add rel=no follow or Add target=_blank on your website/posts/pages.

#27) Baidu Sitemap Generator - It generates a baidu XML sitemap for your blog of wordpress. It gives you the download history

#28) Paypal for WooCommerce - The process of payment is safe and simple with this plugin, privacy is must when it comes to pay money online, that's what the developer has focused

#29) Seamless Donation - This is simple to install and understand, after installing it anyone can donate to you with the help of paypal.

#30) Facebook Comments - Facebook comments setup can be done easily by just installing this plugin. It makes the work easier

#31) Instagram Feed - It really saves time, just you need to install plugin and it will display photos in same single feeds or in multiple feeds from any non private instagram profiles.

#32) Antivirus - This is good for security, it has good features like it daily scan with email notifications. Safe browsing can be done for malware and phishing monitoring. You get virus alerts in the admin bar. It can be translated into many languages.

#33) Under Construction WP - It creates a pages of under construction or coming soon for all people who are not logged in.

#34) Rss Post Importer - It helps for importing, merging and displaying all text RSS and feeds on your blog.

#35) Persian WooCommerce - This woocommerce shop plugin is in persian language. 

#36) Pricing Table - It has many features like 4 different table templates and plus unlimited package (column) support. In the featured column option it highlights best price package. In single click you can create a new table with clone existing table.

#37) WooCommerce Custom Product tabs lite - It allows to add a custom product tab to single product pages with content. You can easily add single custom tab to each product.

#38) WP Youtube Lyte - It helps to load your lazy videos.

#39) Stop Spam Comments - It is invisible, no setup required. Just install the plugin and stop worrying about spammy comments.

#40) Wordpress Zero Spam - Without any extra info or without setup it automatically spam and spam in comments. Enjoy a spam free site.

#41) Tweet this - This helps to tweet any post of your blog easily on twitter, even your readers can tweet it.

#42) Google Author Link - 

#43) Booster for WooCommerce - It has various features like currency exchange rates, prices and currencies by country, bull price convertor and wholesale price. 

#44) Alexa Claim and Certify - This allows to claim your site on alexa easily.

#45) Heartbeat Control - It helps to manage the frequency of wordpress heartbeat API. 

#46) ShareBar - It allows to add a customizable sharebar button to the left of the blog post that includes links of popular social networking sites.

#47) WooCommerce Sequiential Order Numbers - It helps for new orders to set up the sequential order numbers automatically.

#48) Pinterest Pin It Button for images - It helps to share the images with one click on pinterest directly. The button will be on Images.

#49) Math Captcha  - It is effective and easy to use. It has good features like multi captcha on one page support.

#50) Activity Log - It helps to solve the issue of what users do on the dashboard of your wordpress site.

So how much time did these plugins saved your time, which of these plugins helped you a lot? comment below share your experience.


These 50 plugins make my work easier, it saves my 90% of time, i highly recommend you all to have a look at these plugins, i am sure you will enjoy it. It makes the work easier. If you found this article useful, please share it on your social profiles.

Chrome Extensions that can Save your Expensive Time.

Google is the most trusted and everyone is addicted globally. We all believe in it, so whenever we have a query regarding anything we just google it and find unique results on top, this proves that it focus on only content. Google always deliver a good and better service, compared to others. Chrome extensions  and wordpress plugins are awesome tools, it helps for time consuming tasks in short time. So today i will be telling about 20 best chrome extensions.

What are Google Chrome Extensions?

These are the browser extensions that are suitable or acceptable in only google chrome browser. These extensions are made with the web languages like HTML, CSS and JAVASCRIPT. It was launched in december 2009.

20 Best Chrome Extensions

#1) Google Dictionary - Find the meaning of any word you want with this great tool. You do not need to open new tab and find the meaning of  the word you want, just install the extension and find the meaning of any word easily without leaving the page.

#2) Adblock Plus - It will help you to block the advertisments displayed on any web page. Sometimes we are fed up of seeing the ads on many webpages. This tool can help you to block the ads.

#3) Web Mail Ad Blocker - It will block the ads, sponsored links you see on the right side of your screen while using gmail, yahoo and hotmail. For gmail users you can select to remove the people widget in the options.

#4) HTTPS everywhere - This is very useful as it is for security purpose. It automatically switches thousands of sites from insecure "http" to secure "https". It will protect you from account hijacking and some forms of censorship.

#5) Alexa Rank Checker - It gives the traffic stats and the global alexa rank and also tells the traffic sources and the list of backlinks. 

#6) Handle for gmail & google apps - This tools helps you to get together your email, calendar, and to-dos. So it's like your reminder. By clicking "t" you can turn your emails into to-dos. It set locations, due dates and more.

#7) Facebook Invite All - What if you have thousands of friends and if you want to invite all your Facebook friends for an event or to like your fan page. This tool will help you send an invitation to all your facebook friends with one click. It will save your time a lot.

#8) Delete all messages in one click - If you have more friends on facebook, means you will get more messages, some messages are personal, so we need to delete it after reading. But what if you want to remove a bulk or all messages. This tool will help you to delete your all messages in one click.

#9) Readability - It helps you for a better way to read online, turning any web page into comfortable reading view right into your browser. It has good features like "Read Now" and "Read Later". "Read Now" will disable surrounding webpage noise and clutter, "Read Later" will save content to your personal reading list.

#10) Google Calendar - It will help you to know all the upcoming events without leaving your page. If you are on site which have special events encoded, then you can add the events instantly to your calendar.

#11) Pixlr Editor - You might be very much familiar with it, it is one of the most popular photo editor tool. It is free and you do not need to download it. You don't need to download or install it specially, just get this extension. It also have tools like layers, lasso tool, brush controls, cloning and filters.

#12) Google chrome to Phone - It helps you to push links, maps and currently selected text and phone numbers to your android device. And you also need to install the 'chrome to phone' android application on your android device. 

#13) URL shortener - It helps you to shorten the url of the current website, without leaving your page.

#14) Super Auto Refresh - This extension can help you to refresh your page. It has a given internal. There are many extensions for auto refresh, but this is the best.

#15) Page Edit - This tool can help you to transform your browser into a WYSIWYG HTML editor. PageEdit uses CKEditor as WYSIWYG editor and CodeMirror as source editor.

I highly recommend you all to use these chrome extensions, it saves times and helps a lot. As you can see, it has various types of uses. So many good features in the above extensions. And the main thing is they are of small size, it takes few minutes for installing and in return you get so much benefits. If you found this article useful, please share it on your social profiles.

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Free Instagram Followers to All without survey 2016 Free Instagram Followers to All without survey 2016

Instagram Followers are needed by every Instagram User. You might think that free Instagram Followers is not Possible, but let me tell you...

Samsung a510 Samsung a510

Hey guys so is time to embarks the first Samsung device I got my hands,  this is the 2016 edition ...

Auto play Videos Disable On Facebook and Twitter Auto play Videos Disable On Facebook and Twitter

As we all know Facebook and Twitter Enabled Autoplay Videos which are getting viral day by day. I m...

Fake Screenshot with Different Tools for Free Fake Screenshot with Different Tools for Free

Fake screenshots work many time. Screenshots are used as an evidence to show a performance to some...

Wordpress Plugins that will Help Every Blogger. Wordpress Plugins that will Help Every Blogger.

We all know that wordpress is best platform to create a blog, there is not one reason, there are ma...

Chrome Extensions that can Save your Expensive Time. Chrome Extensions that can Save your Expensive Time.

Google is the most trusted and everyone is addicted globally. We all believe in it, so whenever we ...