Connect Your Android Phone or Laptop/PC to your TV with Chromecast

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When a single person wants to watch a video on internet, smartphone or laptop is best, but when a full family or group of people want’s to watch a video on internet, what all you will do. Here’s the simple and best way connect your laptop or your smartphone to your TV. Don’t worry if you don’t know the procedure. I will tell you the full process step by step ‘How to connect your Android phone or laptop/PC to your TV’. Follow these simple steps.



Features of Chromecast

1) It is an 2.83-inch HDMI dongle devloped by Google.

2) Wirelessly transmits the signal from phone to TV. 

3) Gives you a good facility to watch the videos, movies or any entertainment on big screen. 

4) It doesn’t have any remote control.

5) It’s weight is less, easy to carry.




Things you need to setup a Chromecast 

1) Chromecast stick.

2) High definition TV with an HDMI port.

3) Computer, Laptop (windows, Mac, chromebook), Mobile device(Android , iOS).

Connect Chromecast
Connect Chromecast

#4) Wi-Fi connection.


How to set up or Connect Chromecast ?

1) First plug the Chromecast into your TV HDMI port.

2) Connect USB to micro USB port and connect the power adapter to the other end of the USB cable and plug into your android or any device which you are using.


3) Switch the HDTV input to chromecast and if you get a screen shown below it means chromecast is powered on.





3) Download the Chromecast App for iOS phones or tablets, windows chromebook, android device, Mac (Mac os 10.7 and higher).


4) Run the Chromecast app it’s a simple process, like how we download any software after downloading we run/install a software. Same like that you have to do. After installing it will start searching nearby Chromecast, once it founds it will display the name on both connected devices, after that click continue .


5) You will receive a code, enter that code and Remember when the code matches, the internet connection goes OFF. Confirm your code and enter and move on to next step.


6) Enter your Wi-Fi details, Only through wireless network you can pull your data from your mobile device or laptop to TV, now enter the all Wi-Fi details.


7) Enjoy with chromecast, Now it’s done, It’s connected. The full process is done. Once its connected you will get to see image on your television given below.




Connect Chromecast


This is an easy way to connect your android device or laptop/PC. If you are confused 


I highly recommend you all to use this simple method. I hope you all Enjoyed the Concept of ‘Connect your Android Phone or Laptop/PC to your TV!’.

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