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On mytechelite here you will find the Best Torrent Sites List 2017. Various list such as Kick ass torrents, The Pirate bay, Extra Torrent, etc. Keep reading this post to get more details on utorrent.


About torrent sites


Internet was first invented for military and security purposes, but later it was available for consumer use, after which the way of using internet changes a lot. People started using social media, chatting, playing games, downloading files like movies, games, songs, etc. You can download any type of file from internet, but when it comes to large files, downloading it via torrent is the best option.

Downloading a large file from torrent provides you a lot of options and advantages, like you can pause and resume it any time you like, make other users seed and boost your download speed, etc. There are a lot of torrent sites in today’s world, so I will list the top best torrent sites for downloading almost any type of file you are looking for be it movies, games, series, songs, softwares, etc.

Top 5 Best torrent sites


1) Kick Ass Torrents:

This is the best site to download any type of torrents, this is one of the oldest and most trusted sites to download torrents, their torrent file database is itself very huge, you can now realize how big is their collection. Recently last year, this site was banned and the next day itself the site was live again with same user interface, database and everything under different domain.


Rarbg is another torrent downloading website which has a huge collection of torrents like movies, games, softwares, song albums, etc. The best feature of this website is available in all countries, even in countries in which other torrent downloading sites are blocked. This is one of the best torrent site to download games, they are one of the first sites to published cracked versions of the game.

3)  The Private Bay

This site is known as the king of torrents; you can find all types of torrent even some of the rarest types of torrents which no other sites provide. Last year this site has been taken down several times due to some reasons, but they were always publishing the same site under different domains, currently the site is hosted in its org domain.

4)  Extra torrent

This is the best torrent site in terms of up time, this site was never down for an hour also, it is up and running since the time of creation, where other sites similar to this one were down for multiple hours and taken down by government several times. This site has millions of active users and many users are using it daily to download movies, songs, etc. to be updated.

5)  YTS AG

YTS is a famous torrent website to download movies, you can find all types of movies from all languages in this site, it is a universal site with huge collection of movies. Apart from movies, they also provide songs and TV series, but in movie category this will be the first site to upload a movie after its release, so this is a must check website for movie lovers.


Hope you all enjoyed the list of best Torrent sites 2017

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