Make Money on Internet – How to make money from Home?

We all Work for Money, We all need Money to Fullfill our needs. Nobody can Live a Life Without Money. But Sometimes We Don’t get a Perfect Job, Inspite of having a good talent. This leads to Stress. Are you into Lazy category, who Don’t like to work outside, Just want to Make Good Money By Sitting at Home. Do you Wanna Make Some Cash While Sitting on your Couch With your Laptop eating Burger. Then you are at right Place. Today I will tell you Ways to Make Money on Internet.
You can make money on Internet without paying anything or without investment from Home. You can earn money online with google, through Facebook, Paypal or by typing totally free. You can make Money with Maxbounty and Make Money on Fiverr

How to make money on internet

Who Can Make Money on Internet ?

Anyone Can Make Money on Internet. No Matter Who you are, Even an uneducated Person, Handicapped Person or even an Senior Citizen can also Make Money on Internet. An Laziest Person will love to make money on internet, he can make money by sitting at home.

When Can I Make Money on Internet ?



You Can Make Money on Internet at any time, there is no Specific Special time to make money on Internet. Even in Holidays you can Make Money. You Can Work on Internet, Full Day and Full Night and make money as per your Talent and your Capacity.

How Much Money I Can Make on Internet ?

I can’t guarantee how much money you can make, it all depends upon your performance. If you do well you can make more money through various ways. If you are confused you can contact me, i will guide you.


7 Best Ways to Make Money on Internet


1) Blogging 

Blogging is the Most Common Method on Internet With High Competition to Make Money. Anyone Can Create a Blog. You Can Either Create A Blog on Blogger or on WordPress. For a Blog you Need a Domain and a Hosting. On Blogger, hosting is free. If you are Creating a Blog on WordPress then you need to Buy Hosting from BigRock , Hostgator, Godaddy or Bluehost. WordPress plugins makes your work easier.

After you had setup a Blog , now you need to Write posts as per your selected Niche. And share your posts on every social Networking sites to get traffic. To rank a blog, you need to get backlinks. Once you get Traffic, you can put online ads on your blog or you can apply for Google Adsense.


2) Affiliate Marketing 

You just have to refer audience to Affiliate Sites  like Amazon , Flipkart , Ebay, Paytm and many more. Even on Sites like Hostgator you can do Affiliate Marketing. You get a commissions as per the sales. The more sale you made , the more commission you get. For Affiliate Marketing you need a Blog.

3) Freelance Work

Companies or any Individual Can Hire you for Writing or for Some Work. They will check your Profile than only will give you work. First you need to send a proposal and then will give you the work if they are impressed by your proposal and your Profile. You can get Freelance work on sites like freelancer, odesk or on elance.

4) Selling Blog/Websites, Domains

Anyone can sell their Blog/websites or Domain. The Blog Price will depend upon Alexa rank, Domain Authority, Page Authority, Page Rank and earnings. All these factors are taken into consideration for setting a Price for a Blog. Even the Blog Quality and the Content of a Blog Matters a lot. Domain Price will depend upon the Domain name. You can Sell your Blog or Domains on Flippa or Sedo .

5) Fiverr 

Create a Account on Fiverr, than just create the gigs in which you are good in. You can create as much as gigs you want. I had created a gigs like content writing, image editing, video editing. You can make $4 per Gig. It’s $5 actually but $1 is charged by Fiverr for providing the source to make money. 

6) Surveys 

This is the Most Easiest Way to Make Money on Internet. You Just have to Answer simple Questions. For Example – They will just ask you what all you like, What type of Shopping you Prefer, and many more similar like this Questions. Anyone Can Do Surveys and Make Money. You Just Need to give your Opinions and get easy cash. 

7) Youtube Videos

We all know Youtube, it is the Biggest platform for watching and sharing the videos. All you need is to Create a Channel on Youtube, Upload Videos, Monetize your Videos and Start Making Money. But if You Have Good Traffic, then only you Can Make Good Money on Youtube. You get Money as per the Actions on the Ads of Your Video. If the viewer skips the Ad on your Video , you don’t Get any Money.

So now you can choose which is the best and easy method to Make Money on Internet. If you Found this Article Useful Please Share it. And if you are confused for to Make Money on Internet comment below I will get Back to you.

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